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Cambodian arrival

Im sweating in Cambodia at present preparing for the second attempt at a cycle tour. Have picked up Matts bike which he left here a year or so ago. Old bike but better than my chinese el cheapo. I miss China and my friends there. After my trip to the mountains returned to party with Feng. Loads of mountain climbing, bush bashing, visits to far out villages. Spent Christmas having dinner with the teachers. Went to a Wedding, and ended up hanging out with the small town rich guys/gangsters. And after cursing those bastards who clog the small streets with shiny 4WDs, I ended up getting driven round by these guys! And how comfortable it is too, the noise and commotion of the street no more. Waiting for my flight I stayed in Macau, Portugese casino town and suffered a day in Hong Kong. The pinnacle of Asian ideals..all development on mainland focussed around this skyscraper city. On downtown Hong Kong island you cant even walk on the ground. Elevated skybridges thread beneath the bases of massive towers. Mega metropolis of the future, I had a horrible premonition all earth will look like this one day. At least all the cities in China will. So it was a shock to enter Thailand and see more tourists in about 2o seconds than in 3 months in China. And sad to see the effects- in China people are genuinly happy to see a foreigner. So Im heading to the countryside on my/Matts bike.

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