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Cambodia by bike

Cycling in Cambodia, up the mighty Mekong was a joy, through village path and bumpy road. The river served up bony fish and miracle dolphin (miracle that any survive). All very idyllic until I was bitten by a dog. I stayed with the local village guards and couldnt speak English to the English teachers. And luxury hotels cost 3 dollars.

Everything was rolling along nicely until that fateful day when a high speed bunnyhop over a break in the road lead to one of my better bike crashes. On making the other side the fork broke, so I flew like superman. Luckily the road was smooth so minimal damage, except my elbow is bent slightly- I hate being unsymmetrical. I think it was the high speed pickup ride 25km back to town that froze my arm in place as I held on for dear life. Lets hope a Thai physio can straighten it out.

A guy welded the fork back together and I took the boat to Laos…including a wicked speedboat ride at 60km/hr in a longtail powered by 1.6L Toyota car engine. The Mekong is blocked by a mighty cataract and here I stayed on one of the 4000 ? islands. There my bike remains, rolling around in one gear along the old French railway line.

Laos is a perfect place for a lazy holiday. 1 dollar bamboo bungalows by the river, good beer and cheap food. And a hammock to laze in. Walking to gawk at villagers…here come the millionaires (US$ 100= 1 million kip). Paddling a dugout on the river, visiting caves with US bomb craters outside…all very laid back and peaceful. Where did 3 weeks go??

Thailand lurks across the river and I never did find out who runs this supposedly communist country. I think its the tourists- now with no bike I enjoyed being packed in with herds of them. “Excuse me sir, this is the Laos people tuk tuk, and that is the foriegner tuk tuk”.

So now its back to the real capital of tourism, Chiang Mai Thailand

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