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Mount Burnett – Golden Bay

Mt Burnett dominates the skyline over Collingwood. Definitely a feminine peak, it either looks like a pair of breasts or a reclining figure. Its a shame an ugly road cuts across the curves, leading to the triangular scar of New Zealand’s only dolomite quarry. My Dad sprinkles dolomite powder on his breakfast, the boulders reinforce river and beach all around the Nelson region, and dolomite chips cover the steep road leading to the TV tower on the summit.

The quarry is a tragedy as it threatens native plants that have evolved to suit the strange soils impoverished by extreme mineral content. A unique coprosma overhangs the road on the way up, looking like some exotic weed (another threat to the endemics).

An excellent MTB ride, with permission from Solly’s, it takes about an hour and a half to get up…. and about 20 minutes to hoon down.

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