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Lead Hills – Boulder Lake

Color of Lead – grey, silver, mauve in the distance. A massive pile of boulders, built for jumping and scrambling. Rock Wrens squeak and seagulls wheel above tiny Lake Claire. Twisted scrub, Dracophyllum, flattens to the ground. Not much water, sucked from puddles on top of giant rocks. Its a long climb from the lake to the top, at 1900m. Mt Taranaki stands tall, Farewell Spit, the lake brown below. Top of the South!

lead-hills-12.jpgLots of history here too, the early settlers driving sheep, maniac gold sluicing schemes. All folly, and now sensibly we can enjoy the peace and solitude of the mountains. Boulder lake hut is an easy 6 hour walk from Bainham. Walk on, into Haupiri or to the Dragon’s Teeth.

The lake is deep, warm in summer. A waterfall drills into a pool behind the hut. Kiwi and Morepork calls fill the night – a lovely, peaceful spot.



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