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Parapara Peak – Ko Parapara te maunga – Ko Parapara te awa

Parapara Peak! My mountain. Dominates Golden Bay from every direction. From one side a shapely peak; from another a slab sided wall. I’ve climbed it, run up it, slept up there, bush bashed, been lost, watched the new year’s dawn, been cold wet and hungry on top. Parapara has looked after me, providing a fresh clean river to swim and drink, and lovely estuary to play in, with cockles and oysters.

milnthorpe-beach-1.jpgmilnthorpe-beach-2.jpgFrom the top a super view, Mount Taranaki distant out to sea. Farewell Spit stretches a long way. Long ridges lead up and rivers run behind, the Snow and the Slate. It’s a struggle across Walker Ridge to the Haupiri Range, but then easy travel and fantastic views past the Devil’s Dip Saddle, Mount Christmas and toward Boulder Lake.


Heres the rest of my mihimihi. Kind of rhymes with me-me, which is what it’s all about I guess.

Ko Thomas Harrison te waka
Ko Parapara te maunga
Ko Parapara te awa
Ko Pakeha te iwi
Ko Riley te hapū
Ko John Riley te rangatira
Ko Ruataniwha te marae
Ko Tristan Riley ahau

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