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Tramping the Hollyford to Haast “Road” – Red Mountain, Gorge River, Spoon River

It is sad to see Westland Council supporting a 127km road from Haast to Hollyford. Matt and I walked the 1973 bulldozer trail from the Gorge River “airstrip” to the end of the “road” just south of Gorge River. 40 years of regrowth could not hide the bulldozer tracks. The thought that bulldozers could again return to crush amazing native forest was horrible. Worse is the knowledge that many people support this ignorant proposal. A private toll road, funded by corrupt business and council, through public wilderness. It will never happen.

We were lucky to enjoy perfect views from Red Mountain, followed by a wild day of sleet descending from Junction Hill to the airstrip. Gorge river dropped over a couple of hours, so we crossed on a compass bearing to Spoon River. The tin shack had a badly leaking roof. After a leisurely stroll down the Spoon Gorge we wandered the coast to Cascade. Debating the road the whole time!

Thanks Matt for a great trip, and I’m sorry that west Cape didn’t work out. Third time lucky!


Comment from Geoffrey Ellis
Time: March 2, 2013, 6:35 pm

Thanks for alerting us to the preposterous proposition that a road mihgt be built along the Haast-Hollyford Coast. What an obscenity! I’m not surprised that the Wesland Council support such a ridiculous idea. Do they have any environmental sensibility? Developers never give up…we must be vigilant. Please be in touch and advise me of any developments.
Regards, Geoffrey Ellis

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