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50 Days of food

Matt and I plan food for our Fiordland epic. 25 days of food for two people makes a total of 50 person days of food!

Each ration was calculated on a weight basis. 800 grams per person per day, made up of 4 meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Calculating food according to weight makes it easy to work out how much you need to buy in total.

Breakfast and lunches are packed into single day amounts for 2 people. Dinners were packed into bulk bags and meausured out each day. Snacks were packed into 800g bags for 2 people for 2 days.

Digital kitchen scales were used for measuring and food packed into Pams Slider seal bags (dont buy the Glad brand!). Individual packaging makes it easy to measure how much is left, and minimises the urge to eat more than one should each day – especially hard with things like chocolate!

We have divided the trip into a 14 day and 11 day section, with the second trip covered by a food drop kindly deposited at Lake Hankinson hut by Vern Thompson of Te Anau. Of course extra treats like fresh fruit and veges will add to our total pack weights for the first week or so!

Total cost of the food for 25 days was $250.

Breakfasts = 200 grams per person

Couscous Porridge Breakfast ( x 10, 6 in first section 4 in second)
100g couscous
25g Milk powder
25g peanuts
50g sultanas
25g butter

Rice Pudding Breakfast (x 8, 4 in first section 4 in second)
100g rice
50g sultanas
25g sugar
25g coconut cream
1 tsp mixed spice

Muesli Breakfast (x 7, 4 in first section 3 in second)
100g oats
50g peanuts
25g sultanas
25g milk powder

Lunch = 150g Bicuit and 50g topping per person

To make 24 Tararua Biscuits each weighing 300g:
2 kg butter
2 kg sugar
2 kg oats
2 kg flour

Topping = Alternate days of cheese (50g x 12 days = 1.2 kg for two people) and Peanut butter (1.2 kg) and Honey (0.5kg)

Dinner = 200 grams per person

Macaroni Cheese Rice (x 7, 4 in first section, 3 in second)
100g rice
25g butter
25g cheese
25g flour
25g milk powder

Cashew Coconut Curry (x 6, 4 in first section 2 in second)
100g rice
50g coconut cream
25g cashews
25g dried veges, curry powder, salt, pepper

Tomato Dahl (x 6, 3 in first section 3 in second)
100g rice
25g tomato paste
25g butter
50g red lentils, garlic, curry powder, salt, pepper

Massaman Curry (x 6, 3 in first section, 3 in second)
100g rice
25g peanut butter
25g coconut cream powder
25g flavor sachet
25g butter

Scroggin = 200 grams per person

50g peanuts
50g sultanas
25g chocolate
Remainder made up of dried apple, banana chips, coconut thread, dates, apricots,

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