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Parapara Peak – Ko Parapara te maunga – Ko Parapara te awa

Parapara Peak! My mountain. Dominates Golden Bay from every direction. From one side a shapely peak; from another a slab sided wall. I’ve climbed it, run up it, slept up there, bush bashed, been lost, watched the new year’s dawn, been cold wet and hungry on top. Parapara has looked after me, providing a fresh […]

Blue Whale stranded at Paturau

I’d seen the whale in the paper, and knew I had to see! Mighty Blue Whale, washed up on a rocky shelf, flipper poking skyward. By the time I arrived, the hulk had flattened, gravity displacing water support. Waves had gutted the beast, and ribs and massive bones scattered the beach. The enormous throat pouch […]