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Takaka Hill to Lodestone – Hoary Head, Hales Knob, Crusader

Rough going south from the Takaka Hill walkway over limestone crevasse fields. I found a goat stuck down a hole, and holes big enough to swallow me! Scrub to push through and rocks to trip over. Cliff drop into Golden Bay, wild plateau to the east. I took a compass bearing off Eureka Bend to […]

Mount Owen – Bell’s Hill – Culliford Hill

Mount Owen! Limestone massif, massive. A short tramp from out back of Tapawera. One of my favorite places! As well as Mt Owen itself, there are other peaks to climb, for fantastic 360 degree views across Kahurangi and Tasman Bay. Mt Bell, Billie’s Knob, Replica Hill, and Culliford Hill all have quirky appeal. Mt Owen […]