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this should be red

this should be big

This should be in a box with a border Cant work out how to nest other styles inside this box DAMN IT!!. Only good for continuous text box

This should be in a box with a border

Defining wiki styles

"Hello world"


  • gsdgsdg
  • asfasf
  • afgasdf
  • sdbgvsdgsdg

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Lesson Number One

red sdgasdgadg sdagadfg

lessonbox font-weight=bold color=green% This defined style has been altered on this page!!

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Mauris placerat. Duis auctor suscipit neque. Ut semper. Sed gravida. Suspendisse feugiat pharetra magna. Suspendisse congue tellus in eros. Nulla eleifend mollis ligula. Integer bibendum.

This box was created using the >>frame lrindent<< markup. Note that the left and right sides are indented.

Ut leo lectus, feugiat in, auctor molestie, posuere ut, leo. Nunc faucibus interdum risus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Mauris elementum venenatis elit. Duis pretium convallis quam. In feugiat dui nec nisi. Etiam rhoncus neque non enim.

Postit note

Suspendisse nisl tellus, tincidunt ac, adipiscing in, tincidunt non, urna. Praesent lectus. Nulla ultrices metus in mauris.


This is a sidenote produced using the >>sidenote<< markup.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, >tip< m nunc. Quisque consectetuer lacinia lorem. Cras consectetuer urna sit amet nunc. Nunc venenatis malesuada dui. Maecenas ligula dolor, porta quis, nonummy id, egestas quis, felis.


Etiam consectetuer, justo sit amet tincidunt dictum, massa purus laoreet nisl, quis elementum metus nulla non elit. Aenean enim.


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