Year 11 Report - Science and Technology

  • AS 1.2 Process information and describe a use of science knowledge with direction
  • Credits: 2
  • Make sure you have a computer PASSWORD and MONEY

Topic: Research and report on the science and technology behind a toaster/hairdryer/fan heater/electric jug/

Part One: Collecting

  • Collect appropriate information from three different types of sources eg newspaper, internet, books and videos, provide a minimum of 4 different references.
  • Select the bits of your information that relates to the guidelines
  • You will need enough information to be able to answer the questions involved in the task.
  • Select relevant and useful illustrations, flow diagrams and graphs, if appropriate,

Part Two: The Report

  • Bring all your notes / highlighted information / research material to class on Friday 23rd May for the one hour written report to be completed in class.
  • You must use your own words
  • You will be given a guide sheet on which there are various headings to guide you through the exercise, on the day.
  • Include a full list of the references of sources used eg URL addresses from the Internet or references to articles or books. The sources used need to be described in such a way that another person can use them.

Check list: