Starters -

  1. What are the three types of fingerprint?
  2. Forensic scientists need to :
    1. COMAPRE things - like comparing two FINGERPRINTS
    2. IDENTIFY things - like identifying BLOOD TYPE
    3. MEASURE things - like measuring BLOOD SPLATTERS
  3. After collecting a sample of a bloodstain and fingerprints, what do you need to do to identify the criminals?
    Compare the DNA and fingerprints to the suspect
  4. What do these stand for:
    1. FBI Federal Beuareu of Investigation
    2. CIA Central Intelligence Agency
    3. SIS Secret Intelligence Service
    4. SAS Special Air Service
    5. NYPD New York Police Department
  5. Name as many body fluids as you can that a criminal could leave behind at a crime scene Blood, sperm, sweat, tears, sweat, saliva, vomit, crap
  6. Police in NZ spend most of their time dealing with DRUNK people
  7. How fast is the fastest speed someone has gone on a bicycle? 260 km/h
  8. What do these bike parts do:
    1. Bearings REDUCE FRICTION
    3. Spokes HOLD WHEEL UP