Starter answers

  1. Name 5 parts of the bicycle frame, chain, wheel, spokes, seat
  2. Explain what these parts DO and say HOW they do it:
    1. Chain Carry energy to back wheel
    2. Tyre Grips road
    3. Tube Full of air to hold bike up
    4. Brakes Increase friction to slow bike
    5. Frame Holds wheels in place
    6. Bearings Less friction for smooth rolling
    7. Steering Go right way. Like a gyroscope.
  3. When do you think the first bicycle was invented? 1818
  4. How fast is the fastest speed ever on a bicycle? 270 km/h
  5. Name 5 types of bicycle MTB, BMX, road, cyclocross, trick, recumbent, penny farthing
  6. Name 3 brands of bicycle Merida, GT, Fox, Shimano,
  7. How can you reduce wind resistance on a bike? Aerodynamic frame/helmet, hunch down,
  8. How is a BMX frame different from a road bike frame? smaller, lower
  9. What is a recumbent bike? Sit down to ride it