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Chemistry 2.1 Quantitative Analysis. Internal 4 credits

Moles and Molar Mass

  1. Moles
  2. Molar mass calculations
  3. Stochiometry
  4. Copper - Sulfur compound

Empirical and Molecular formula

  1. Empirical and Molecular Formula
  2. Gravimetric Analysis
  3. Water of Crystallisation
  4. Gravimetric calculations


  1. Concentration
  2. Concentration problems
  3. Dilution
  4. Stochiometry


  1. Colorimetry
  2. Using Colorimeters
  3. Standard Solutions


  • make Sodium carbonate primary standard
  • Standardise HCl - methyl orange indicator
  • Analyse Ammonia - methyl orange
  • Standardise NaOH - phenolpthalein
  • Find % ethanoic acid in vinegar - phenolpthalein
  • Use NaOH to find amount of aspirin - phenolpthalein
  1. Titration
  2. Titration
  3. Standard Solutions
  4. Standardising HCl
  5. Analysis of ammonia
  6. Titration calculations
  7. Standardization of NaOH
  8. Titration of vinegar
  9. Analysis of aspirin
  10. Apple Juice
  11. Titration calculations

From the Acievement Standard

Chemistry 2.1 Quantitative Analysis Internal 4 credits

Carrying out an acid-base titration that: Collects titration data with at least three titre values that fall within a range of 0.2 mL; Has average titre value within 0.2 mL of the expected outcome. Uses only concordant results.

Processing both primary and secondary data to solve quantitative problems that: Use the relationships n=m/M and c=n/V to calculate one variable given the other two. Involve more than two steps, Involve the use of stoichiometric principles. Are carried out correctly using only concordant titre values. Demonstrate correct units and appropriate use of significant figures.

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