Regular Homework

  • Set weekly and should take 1 hour per week.
  • Consists of 1-2 units (pages) from the Year 9 Science workbook, which each student has been issued with.
  • Marked by the student using answers in the workbook.

How to get Excellence:

  • All work completed to top standard
  • All work marked in different color pen
  • Any mistakes fixed up in different color pen


  • Writing tasks are graded as per curriculum level
    • Year 9 should be at level 4
    • Year 10 should be at Level 5
    • Year 11 should be at Level 6

Extra Homework

  • Work done in class that needs completion; projects or investigations; or research projects.
  • Set as required.
  • Marked by Mr Riley using Achieve, Merit, Excellence and Not Achieve grades.

Please contact me at any time for information regarding homework

Year 9 Science Assessment: